Dark Matters

Most if the mass in the universe is dark. Evidence for this “dark matter” comes from the motions of stars in galaxies and from distortions in images of distant galaxies as their light passes close to mass concentrations. Supercomputer simulations show that dark matter is essential for the universe to make galaxies, stars, planets and people. However, we do not yet know the identity of the dark matter. I will show that the most likely possibility is that the dark matter consists of exotic elementary particle formed just after the Big Bang and I will show how dark matter shapes the universe in which we live.

Jubkonf_FrenkCarlos S. Frenk heads the world-renowned Institute for Cosmology, University of Durham in England. Using some of the world’s most powerful computers, he creates computer simulations and models of the universe, to understand how it has evolved from its humble beginnings through to the complexity in the present.


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