Norwegian Astronomy Society – 75 years Anniversary Conference – Tromsø March 1-3, 2013

Friday 1st – Sunday March 3rd, 2013 – Scandic Hotel, Tromsø

  • Northern Light Safari to the Skibotn Observatory
  • Experience the largest planetarium in Norway
  • Internationally renowned speakers
  • Exhibitions – challenges – competitions

Norwegian Astronomical Society turns 75 in 2013 and therefore wishes to invite, together with Tromsø Astronomical Association, all astronomy and space enthusiasts to a very exciting weekend! Tromsø and the Northern Lights are often mentioned in the same sentence. The Northern Lights season peaks in early March, the lunar conditions will be favorable this weekend, so everything is set for great adventures in the Arctic night! In addition to experiencing rare natural phenomena and the impressive surroundings,  the conference will offer interesting lectures by some of the world’s foremost experts on the sun, climate, northern lights, astro-photography, cosmology and general astronomy. You will will also find displays, stands with suppliers of telescopes and equipment, etc. The conference opens at 17:00 on Friday and ends approximately at 15:00 Sunday.

The hotel
Scandic Hotel Tromsø is a first class conference hotel with 147 rooms and modern conference facilities. It is located between Tromso city center and airport and the airport bus stops there. The hotel amenities include a spa, several cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as access to wireless internet throughout the hotel. Tel. +47 77 75 50 00.

The Knowlegde Center and the planetarium
Nordnorsk Vitensenter opened in 2002 and is one of the most modern and comprehensive science centers in Norway. The planetarium, located adjacent to the science center, is with its 96 seats the largest in Norway. The planetarium was built in the early 80s, but extensively renovated in 2008 with state-of-art equipment for both star projection and viewing of film.

Location and climate
With a population of about 70000, Tromsø is northern Norway’s largest city and known as the Paris of the north and the Aurora capital of the world. Located some miles inland, the alpine mountain range, Lyngen alps, forms a natural protective barrier from the incoming rough weather of the North Atlantic, thus providing excellent conditions for the Skibotn Observatory, our main goal for the Northern Lights Safari. Tromsø in March offers temperatures ranging anywhere from +10 to -25 ° C, so please remember warm clothes and winter boots for the Safari and other outdoor activities.

The only practical way of getting to Tromsø from southern Norway or Europe is by air.

Some flights between Tromsø and Oslo:
From Oslo (OSL) to Tromsø:
SK4418  1 March 13:55 – 15:45
DY0382 1. March 14:15 – 16:05

Return flights to Oslo:
SK4425 3 March 17:10 – 19:00
DY0386 3 March 16:30 – 18:20

Some flights between Tromsø and other European cities:
Copenhagen: SK 1456 / 4418 1 March 11:55 – 15:45
London/LGW: DY 1303 / 0382 1 March 09:10 – 16:05.
London/LHR: SK 0802 / 4416 1 March 07:05 – 11:45.

Return flights:
Copenhagen: SK 4425 / 1473 3 March 17:10 – 21:50.
London/LHR: SK 4425 / 0815 3 March 17:10 – 21:35.

Our sponsors:

2 svar til Norwegian Astronomy Society – 75 years Anniversary Conference – Tromsø March 1-3, 2013

  1. David Tyrrell sier:

    Dear Sir

    My name is David (69) and I live in London, England. I was wondering if your society could help me. I and my wife want to visit Tromso sometime over the next 6 months to photograph the Aurora Borealis. I am an ex photographer but a beginner in astronomy. We intend to stay in or close to Tromso, rent a car and then drive to suitable locations for both astro-imaging and day (landscape) photography.

    I would appreciate any advice which your society can offer in the way of good seeing locations reasonably close to Tromso

    Thanking you in advance

    David Tyrrell

  2. Erik Sundheim sier:

    Hi David,
    there are several possibilities in and around Tromsø.
    Seeing the aurora with your own eyes is fantastic! I am sure you have seen Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights:
    We cannot recomend specific locations, but rather recommend you take a tour with any of the several companies doing it, for example:

    Many of us are by the way going to the Astrofest congress in London in February!
    Good luck!

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